About Us

Our program philosophy at New Day Rehab Center is based on the understanding that the disease of addiction affects the entire person: encompassing the body, mind, and spirit. Because of this, treatment must address each of these areas to be successful in the recovery of the whole person.

We further believe that the disease of addiction touches more than just the individual who is abusing substances. We recognize that the lives of those around the alcoholic or addict are affected in many negative ways. Family, friends, loved ones, and employers need education, guidance, and support if treatment is to be successful.

New Day’s clinical staff will keep the family involved in the treatment process and decisions.

New Day Rehab Center offers help for everyone whose lives are impacted by addiction and alcoholism. Primary treatment is merely the initial step in the overall recovery process. Our goal of promoting an abstinent lifestyle, one that is lasting and productive, is predicated upon intervention and education which demonstrate to the addicted individual the path of success and how others achieved it.


Our mission is simple:

Our Values Include:



  • compassion and hope
  • dignity and respect
  • safety and security
  • honesty and integrity
  • spirituality
  • flexibility
  • passion
  • teamwork
  • continuous quality improvement
  • patient & family centered care



To provide appropriate, cost effective care of the highest quality to alcoholics and other chemically dependent persons and their families  to achieve and maintain sobriety.

In living our mission daily, we are guided by our New Day values. These not only impact our work, but are integral parts of the recovery process. For our staff, with over 400 years of continuous recovery, these are life ideals which are modeled each and every day.

Embracing the 12 Step philosophy, our bio-psychosocial spiritual model of treatment includes medical and nursing care, individual and group counseling, a family program, and a focus on teaching the skills needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that the information found on these pages is helpful, and hopeful, and that you will find New Day to be where you, or your loved one, need to be.

We are available to answer any questions, and to assist you in any way we can.



Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are diseases of the body, mind, and spirit. Our experience has shown that when the spiritual malady is treated, we get better mentally and physically. Therefore, treatment is based on spiritual principles that treat the “whole person,” coupled with proven medical and mental health care practices.